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Our Philosophy

Our integrated approach specifically engages the child in lively and creative activities to enhance developmentally appropriate skills in a foreign language.

Classes are activity-based, full language immersion classes that will engage students in a circle of interesting and age-appropriate activities and experiments. Instruction is experiential and hands on with a focus on children's individual needs and interests. We help children to recognize and do their personal best to grow as happy learners.

At LLS children are encouraged to speak French or Spanish through captivating workshops designed to both educate and entertain. All of our classes are designed to allow children's hands, minds and emotions to be active in a safe and supportive environment. At LLS, it is our goal to help lay a foundation for the long term appreciation of learning a foreign language, revealing the rich cultural and linguistic wonders that French and Spanish have to offer.

Our Methods

Instruction is experiential and hands on with a focus on children's individual needs and interests.

  • We use games, mimes, songs, arts and crafts, music, movement, theater and visual aids.
  • Repetition is an important part of the learning process.
  • The program is interactive to make learning a language a pleasant and rewarding experience.
  • We foster the collaboration between children by enabling them to participate in small group work and whole group discussions.
  • We provide a place where their enthusiasm for discovery is challenged and their natural curiosities are focused into a context of learning about cultures, languages, and the world.

Our Mission

We aim to to serve any family that values the importance of foreign languages and intercultural understanding,to foster enthusiasm for learning a second or third language, and to support parents who wish to raise their children with more than one native language, in order to maintain and strengthen a multicultural identity and heritage.

At LLS children enable to develop their potential and skills to the fullest extent, while allowing them to do so at an individual pace.

The Language and Laughter Studio is a place not only for our children to participate and enjoy language and culture, but a place for us to come together as a community and bring to life the heritage of our extended cultures. Learning language is not just about speaking, but about connecting to the cultures and traditions they come from.

Faculty and Staff

All of our teachers at LLS are native speakers and specialize in their field. We collaborate with professional and brilliant early childhood educators, composers, musicians, and artists dedicated to working with children in order to create a unique programs designed to stimulate inquiry-based learning, concept formation and creativity. Students learn from caring and supportive early childhood educators who possess strong backgrounds in the arts.

Pascale Setbon, founder of LLS, believes that children learn by making sense of their world and their experiences. She has seen that children learn best through first hand experiences with people and materials. With the deep belief in the remarkable capabilities of each child, the dedicated teachers encourage the children to hear, understand and speak a second or a third language with joy and pride.

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